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GATI Principles

The GATI Charter is based on ten key principles. As a signatory to the Charter, we believe that it is a moral imperative for all institutions to provide equal opportunity to all, and in particular, women from Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) areas, at all levels. By being a part of this progressive charter, Institutions commit to adopting the following as guiding principles within their policies, practices, action plans and culture towards transformative change and striving towards an ecosystem where these are fulfilled.

1. We acknowledge that the role of higher education and research institutions is to serve a broad diversity of students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders providing equal opportunity to all.
2. We realize that diversity enhances excellence and academia cannot reach its full potential unless it can create systems to value, nurture and benefit from the talents of all in the community.
3. We acknowledge that people of all genders are equally capable of making valuable contributions and promoting excellence in all areas of human enterprise.
4. We recognize, in particular, the importance of advancing gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) areas.
5. We are deeply concerned that discouraging experiences, implicit and explicit bias inhibit the full participation of women in science at all stages and acknowledge the need for effective implementation of policy on sexual harassment for creating an enabling environment.
6. We are deeply concerned about the high rate of loss of women across the career pipeline, their under representation in the profession in particular, in leadership roles.
7. We recognize that all individuals have identities shaped by different factors at different stages of their career and that institutional support structures are required for facilitating work and enhancing professional contribution of all, in particular of women.
8. We acknowledge that advancing gender equality requires strong leadership, participative action and sustained effort to bring in systemic and cultural changes through well deliberated policy initiatives at all levels of the organization.
9. We commit to creating a safe and nurturing environment for women and developing action plans for removing the barriers to their progression in particular, at major points of career development including the transition from higher studies into a sustainable academic career and advancement to the top positions thereafter.
10. We believe that mainstreaming, assimilating and sustaining positive impact policies and actions for gender advancement will bring transformative changes in the overarching climate and socio-cultural ethos leading the institution towards distinctive excellence.
As a signatory to the GATI Charter, Pilot Institutions have already committed to adopt its guiding principles within their organizational policies, practices, action plans and culture for transformative change.

GATI Charter Institutions are looking forward to participate in the GATI Pilot programme under the aegis of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and contributing towards its efforts on gender advancement in STEMM areas